Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

8 Learning More, Service,
and Support
There is more information about using iPod in onscreen
help and on the web.
The following table describes where to get more iPod-related software and service
To Learn About Do This
Service and support, forums,
and Apple software downloads
Go to
The latest tutorials, and tips
and tricks on how to make the
most of your iPod experience
Go to
Using iTunes Open iTunes and choose Help > “iTunes and Music Store Help.”
For an online iTunes tutorial (available in some areas only), go to
Using iPhoto (on Mac OS X) Open iPhoto and choose Help > iPhoto Help.
Using iSync (on Mac OS X) Open iSync and choose Help > iSync Help
Using iCal (on Mac OS X) Open iCal and choose Help > iCal Help.
The latest information on
Go to
Registering iPod If you didn’t register when you installed software from the iPod CD,
go to
Finding your iPod serial
Look at the back of your iPod or select Settings > About.
Obtaining warranty service First follow the advice in this booklet, the onscreen help, and
online resources, and then go to