Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

7 Safety and Cleaning
Learn about cleaning your iPod and handling it safely.
Setup Safety Instructions
When setting up and using your iPod, remember the following:
 Keep these instructions handy for reference by you and others.
 Follow all instructions and warnings about your iPod.
General Safety, Cleaning, and Handling Guidelines
Warning: Electrical equipment can be hazardous if misused. Operation of this
product, or similar products, must always be supervised by an adult. Do not allow
children access to the interior of any electrical product and do not permit them to
handle any cables.
To Do This
Handle your iPod safely Be careful not to drop your iPod. If you are concerned about
scratching, you can use the included case or one of the many cases
available separately.
Warning: Your iPod contains sensitive components, including a
hard disk and rechargeable battery. Prevent damage by making
sure you do not drop, bend, or crush your iPod.
Use headphones safely Use of headphones while operating a vehicle is not recommended
and is illegal in some areas. Be careful and attentive while driving.
Stop listening to your iPod if you find it disruptive or distracting
while operating any type of vehicle or performing any other
activity that requires your full attention.