Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

52 Chapter 5 Extra Features and Accessories
Note: You can’t download to-do lists to iPod manually.
To view contacts on iPod:
m Choose Extras > Contacts.
To view calendar events:
m Choose Extras > Calendar.
To view to-do lists:
m Choose Extras > Calendar > To Do.
Storing and Reading Notes
You can store and read text notes on iPod if it is enabled as an external disk (see
page 45).
1 Save a document in any word-processing application as a text (.txt) file.
2 Place the file in the Notes folder on iPod.
To view notes:
m Choose Extras > Notes.
Recording Voice Memos
You can record voice memos using an optional iPod-compatible microphone (available
for purchase at You can store voice memos on your iPod
and load them on your computer. You can set iPod to record at “Mono” quality (22 kHz,
mono) to save space, or “Stereo” quality (44.1 kHz, stereo) for a better sound.
To record a voice memo:
1 Connect a microphone to the Dock connector port on your iPod.
2 Set Quality to Mono or Stereo.
3 To begin recording, choose Record.
4 Hold the microphone a few inches from your mouth and speak. To pause recording,
select Pause.
5 When you finish, select Stop and Save. Your saved recording is listed by date and time.
To play a recording:
m Select Extras > Voice Memos and select the recording.
Note: The Voice Memos menu item doesn’t appear until you connect a microphone.
To download voice memos to your computer:
Voice memos are saved in a Recordings folder on iPod in the WAV file format. If you
enable iPod for disk use, you can drag voice memos from the folder to copy them.