Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 2 Music Features 29
4 Use the Click Wheel to move the volume limit to the maximum level on the volume bar.
This removes any restriction on volume.
5 Press the Center button to accept the change.
Note: If you forget the combination, you can restore iPod. See “Updating and Restoring
iPod Software” on page 61 for more information.
Setting Songs to Play at the Same Volume Level
iTunes can automatically adjust the volume of songs, so they play at the same relative
volume level. You can set iPod to use the iTunes volume settings.
To set iTunes to play songs at the same sound level:
1 In iTunes, choose iTunes > Preferences if you are using a Mac, or choose
Edit > Preferences if you are using a Windows PC.
2 Click Audio and choose Sound Check.
To set iPod to use the iTunes volume settings:
m Choose Settings > Sound Check.
If you have not activated Sound Check in iTunes, setting it on iPod has no effect.
Using the Equalizer
You can use equalizer presets to change the sound on iPod to suit a particular music
genre or style. For example, to make rock music sound better, set the equalizer to Rock.
m Choose Settings > EQ and choose an equalizer preset.
If you assigned an equalizer preset to a song in iTunes and the iPod equalizer is set to
Off, the song plays using the iTunes setting. See iTunes and Music Store Help for more
Setting iPod to Show Compilations
You can set iPod to show a Compilations menu item in the Music menu. A compilation
is an album put together from various sources, such as a movie soundtrack or a
greatest hits album. You can choose Music > Compilations to see your compilations.
To set iPod to show Compilations in the Music menu:
m Choose Settings and set Compilations to On.
Viewing Album Artwork on iPod
You can set iTunes to allow iPod to display album art, and then view the album artwork
on iPod.