Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 3 Video Features 33
To browse videos in the iTunes Music Store:
m Click Music Store in the Source list, and then click the Videos link.
You can also find some music videos as part of an album or other offer.
Videos in iTunes and in the music store have a display icon next to them.
To purchase a video:
m Click the Buy Video button next to it.
Purchased videos appear in the iTunes library, in the Videos Source, and in the
Purchases Source.
To download a video podcast:
Video podcasts appear alongside other podcasts in the iTunes Music Store. You can
subscribe to them and download them just as you would other podcasts. You don’t
need an iTunes Music Store account to download podcasts. See “Buying Songs and
Downloading Podcasts Using the iTunes Music Store” on page 17 for instructions.
Converting Your Own Videos to Work With iPod
You can view other video files on iPod, such as videos you create in iMovie (on a
Macintosh) or videos you download from the Internet. Import the video into iTunes, if
necessary convert it for use with iPod, and then download it to iPod.
iTunes supports all the same video formats that QuickTime supports.
To import a video into iTunes:
m Drag the video file to the iTunes library.
Some videos may be ready for use with iPod once you import them to iTunes. If you try
to download a video to iPod (see “Updating iPod Automatically” on page 34 for
instructions), and a message says the video can’t play on your iPod, then you must
convert the video for use with iPod.
To convert a video for use with iPod:
1 Select the video in the iTunes library.
2 Choose Advanced > “Convert Selection for iPod.”
Depending on the length and content of a video, converting it for use with iPod can
take several minutes to several hours.
Note: When you convert a video for use with iPod, the original video remains in your
iTunes library. If you still see a message saying a video can’t play on your iPod, you may
wish to delete the original video from iTunes.