Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 2 Music Features 17
4 To eject the CD, click the Eject button.
5 Repeat these steps for any other CDs with songs you want to import.
Entering Names of Songs and Other Details
To enter CD song titles and other information manually:
1 Select the first song on the CD and choose File > Get Info.
2 Click Info.
3 Enter the song information.
4 Click Next to enter information for the next song.
Adding Lyrics
You can type or copy and paste song lyrics in plain text format into iTunes so that you
can view a song’s lyrics on your iPod while the song is playing.
To type or paste lyrics into iTunes:
1 Select a song and choose File > Get Info.
2 Click Lyrics.
3 Type or paste lyrics copied from another source into the text box.
4 Click OK.
For information about viewing lyrics on iPod, see “Viewing Lyrics on iPod” on page 30.
Buying Songs and Downloading Podcasts Using the
iTunes Music Store
If you have an Internet connection, you can easily purchase and download songs,
albums, audiobooks, and videos online using the iTunes Music Store. You can also
subscribe to and download podcasts, radio-style audio shows.
To purchase music online using the iTunes Music Store, you set up an Apple account in
iTunes, find the songs you want, and then buy them. If you already have an Apple
account, or if you have an America Online (AOL) account (available in some countries
only), you can use that account to sign in to the music store and buy songs.
Note: You don’t need an iTunes Music Store account to download or subscribe to
Eject button