Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 2 Music Features 25
Playing Music
After you download music and other audio to your iPod, you can listen to it. Use the
Click Wheel and Center button to browse for a song, audiobook, video, or podcast. You
only see menu items for Podcasts and Audiobooks if you’ve downloaded those items to
To browse for and play a song:
m Choose Music, browse for a song, press Play (), and enjoy!
Note: When you browse for music videos in the Music menu, you only hear the music.
When you browse for them in the Videos menu, you also see the video.
When a song is playing, the Now Playing screen appears. When you see the Now
Playing screen, you can use the Click Wheel to change the volume. The following table
describes the elements on the Now Playing screen of iPod.
Now Playing Screen Function
Song number Shows the number of the song playing within the current
sequence of songs.
Album art Shows the album art if it is included in the song’s audio file.
Shuffle icon The Shuffle icon (¡) appears if iPod is set to shuffle songs or
Repeat icon The Repeat icon () appears if iPod is set to repeat all songs. The
Repeat Once icon (!) appears if iPod is set to repeat one song.
Song information Displays the song title, artist, and album title.
Song time (progress bar) Displays time elapsed and time remaining for the current song.
Press the Center button to show the scrubber bar, which displays a
diamond to show where you are. Use the Click Wheel to navigate
to a different part of the song, audiobook, or podcast.
Repeat icon
Shuffle icon
Song time
Song number
Song information
Album art