Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 5 Extra Features and Accessories 53
If iPod is set to update songs automatically (see “Updating iPod Automatically” on
page 21) and you record voice memos, the voice memos are automatically downloaded
to a playlist in iTunes when you connect iPod. You see the new Voice Memos playlist in
the iTunes Source list.
Learning About iPod Accessories
iPod comes with some accessories, and many other accessories are available at
To purchase iPod accessories, go to
Available accessories include:
 iPod Radio Remote
 iPod Universal Dock
 iPod Camera Connector
 iPod AV Cable
 iPod USB Power Adapter
 iPod In-Ear Headphones
 World Travel Adapter Kit
 Third-party accessories such as speakers, headsets, cases, microphones, car stereo
adapters, power adapters, and more