Apple MA002LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 2 Music Features 15
iTunes also has many other features. You can make your own CDs that play in standard
CD players (if your computer has a CD-recordable drive); listen to streaming Internet
radio; watch videos; make dynamic “Party Shuffle” playlists; publish your playlists, called
“iMixes,” to the iTunes Music Store; rate songs according to preference; and much
For information about using these features of iTunes, open iTunes and choose Help >
“iTunes and Music Store Help.”
Importing Music Into Your Computer
To listen to music on your iPod, you first need to get that music into iTunes on your
There are three ways of getting music into iTunes:
 Import music from audio CDs.
 Buy music, audiobooks, and videos, or download podcasts online from the iTunes
Music Store.
 Add music that’s already on your computer to the iTunes music library.