Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

The Home screen
When you turn on iPod nano, you see the Home screen.
Each icon on the Home screen represents choices for listening to music or podcasts, or for using
features like recording voice memos or viewing photos. Tap an icon to open it, then use gestures
to navigate (see “Using Multi-Touch” on page 10).
You’ll see these Home screen icons when you rst turn on iPod nano:
Icon Function
Now Playing Provides quick access to the currently playing audio.
Music Provides quick access to your music and other audio content organized
by playlists, artists, songs, and more.
Radio Opens the FM radio tuner, if earphones are connected to iPod nano.
Fitness Opens the Fitness feature, where you can count your steps for walks or
runs and track time, distance, pace, and calories burned for workouts.
Clock Opens the clock, stopwatch, and timer.
Photos Displays the photos synced from your computer.
Audiobooks Lists audiobooks synced from your iTunes library (it doesn’t appear if you
have no audiobooks).
Podcasts Lists the podcasts synced from your iTunes library.
iTunes U Lists iTunes U collections synced from your iTunes library (it doesn’t
appear if you have no collections).
Voice Memos Opens the controls for recording and managing voice memos. It’s visible
only if a microphone is connected to iPod nano, or if there are voice
memo recordings on iPod nano.
Settings Opens settings for iPod nano and many of its features.
Chapter 1 iPod nano at a Glance