Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

iPod nano comes with built-in features to help you make the most of your tness routines:
Set a Daily Step Goal and let iPod nano count your steps while you walk, and track your Â
progress and calories burned over time.
Create Run workouts set to your favorite music and track your time, pace, and distance with Â
real time motivational feedback.
Connect iPod nano to Nike + iPod compatible gym equipment and track your progress from Â
one workout to the next.
Use iTunes to upload all your steps and workout data to the Nike+ website. Set a goal, track Â
your progress, and compete with other Nike+ users.
You can set these preferences for your workouts in Fitness Settings (tap Settings on the Home
screen, and then tap Fitness):
Walk Set the number of steps you want to take for your Daily Step Goal.
See “
Using iPod nano to count steps” on page 35.
PowerSong Choose a song to use for motivation during a workout. You can quickly
switch to your PowerSong whenever you need a boost.
Spoken Feedback Choose a male or female voice to give you feedback during a workout,
or turn Spoken Feedback o.
Units of Measure Use English or metric for weights and measurements.
Distances Measure distances in miles or kilometers.
Height Set your height for distance accuracy.
Weight Set your weight for calorie accuracy.
Reset Calibration Reset the calibration. See “Calibrating iPod nano
” on page 37.