Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Clear workout data from iPod nano:
1 On the Home screen, tap Fitness, and then tap History.
2 Tap the month you want to clear.
3 Flick down, and then tap Clear.
A dialog asks if you want to clear the workout history for the month.
4 Tap Delete All, or tap Cancel if you change your mind.
You can use iTunes to upload your steps and other workout information to the Nike+ website.
You need a Nike+ account, which you can set up the rst time you sync workout data in iTunes.
Upload your steps or workout information to Nike+:
1 Connect iPod nano to your computer and open iTunes.
2 Click Send in the dialog that appears, and then follow the onscreen instructions to set up your
Nike+ account.
Once you set up your account, a Nike + iPod tab appears in the iTunes window.
3 Click the Nike + iPod tab, and then select “Automatically send workout data to Nike+” if it isn’t
selected already.
4 Click Apply.
To view and share your information on the Nike website, click Visit Nike+ in the Nike + iPod
pane when iPod nano is connected to your computer, or go to and log in
to your account.
With a Nike + iPod Sport Kit (sold separately), you can set up and use a compatible heart rate
monitor to track your heart rate on iPod nano as you exercise. When you connect iPod nano
to a Nike + iPod compatible cardio machine, you may be able to control iPod nano from the
equipment and save your workout data on iPod nano.
Set up the Nike + iPod Sport Kit on iPod nano:
1 Connect a Nike + iPod receiver to the dock connector on iPod nano.
2 On the Home screen, tap Settings.
3 Tap Fitness, and then tap Nike + iPod Sport Kit.
You see this option in Settings only when the receiver is connected to iPod nano.
4 Tap the accessory you want to set up (Sensor, Remote, or Heart Rate Monitor).
For information about setting up and using Nike + iPod, see the Nike + iPod documentation.
Chapter 7 Fitness