Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Remove an FM station from
Tune in to the station and then tap
on any radio screen.
Pause and resume live radio Tap Now Playing or Radio, swipe left across the top of the screen, and then
. Tap to resume playing. Changing the radio station clears paused
to listen to the last thirty seconds of paused radio.
Switch between the radio tuner
and the Live Pause screen
Swipe left across the top or middle of the screen.
Tag a song on the radio Tap
on the Now Playing screen. Tagging is available only for radio
stations that support iTunes Tagging. Sync with iTunes to preview and
purchase tagged songs.
You can double-click the Sleep/Wake button to skip to the next radio station, or change the
Sleep/Wake setting so that double-clicking pauses or plays live radio. See “Controlling playback
with the Sleep/Wake button” on page 21.
Tuning the FM radio
You can tune the FM radio by browsing stations, seeking or scanning available stations, or saving
your favorite stations and tuning to them directly. To start, use iPod nano to nd local stations.
Note: For better reception, make sure the earphone cords aren’t tangled or coiled.
Find local stations:
1 On the Home screen, tap Radio.
2 Tap .
3 Tap Local Stations.
iPod nano scans the available frequencies and lists the local stations.
4 Tap next to a station to listen to the station without leaving the menu, or tap the station to
tune to that station and return to the radio controls.
5 When you nish, tap to return to the radio controls.
If you want to update the list, tap Refresh.
Remove all stations from Favorites:
1 Tap on any radio screen to show the Radio menu.
2 Tap Favorites.
3 Flick down to show the Edit button, and then tap it.
4 Tap Clear All if you want to clear the entire list.
5 When you nish, tap Done.
Chapter 6 FM Radio