Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

4 Tap VoiceOver, then ick up to set any of these options:
 Speak Hints: Explains how to interact with the item in the VoiceOver cursor. You may want to
turn this on to help you learn how to use iPod nano, and turn it o later.
 Speaking Rate: Increases or decreases the rate of speech for VoiceOver. This does not aect the
speech rate for audiobooks or podcasts.
 Language: Sets the language for VoiceOver. It should match the language set for iPod nano.
5 Tap VoiceOver, and then tap the On/O switch to turn VoiceOver On.
If this is the rst time you turned on VoiceOver on iPod nano, a dialog appears.
6 Tap OK in the dialog, and then double-tap OK to conrm.
If you can’t see the screen, move your nger until you hear “OK button,” and then double-tap with
one nger.
If you do nothing for 15 seconds, the dialog disappears and VoiceOver turns o.
When VoiceOver is on, you use a dierent set of gestures to control iPod nano. If you change your
mind and want to turn VoiceOver o, double-tap with two ngers to move the switch to O. If
you navigate away from the Settings screen, you need to use VoiceOver gestures to return to the
setting and turn it o.
Turn o VoiceOver on iPod nano using VoiceOver gestures:
1 Swipe right or left with two ngers until you see or hear “Home. Settings.”
If the icons have been rearranged, or if there are more than four Home screens, you may hear
something dierent.
2 Slide one nger around the screen until you hear “Settings.”
3 Double-tap to open Settings.
4 Slide your nger up or down the screen until you see or hear General, and then double-tap.
5 Slide your nger up or down the screen until you see or hear “Accessibility,” and then double-tap.
6 Slide your nger up or down the screen until you see or hear VoiceOver, and then double-tap.
7 Double-tap when you hear “VoiceOver switch button on.”
You hear “VoiceOver o” to conrm the setting. You can once again use standard gestures to
control iPod nano.
Chapter 10 Accessibility