Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Creating Genius playlists
A Genius playlist is a collection of songs that go with a song you choose from your library.
You can create Genius playlists on iPod nano, and sync Genius playlists you create with iTunes.
Genius is a free service, but you need an iTunes Store account to use it. To learn how to set up
Genius in iTunes, open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help.
Create a Genius playlist on iPod nano:
1 Play a song, and then tap the album artwork on the Now Playing screen.
2 Swipe left, and then tap .
The new playlist appears. You see a message if:
You didn’t turn Genius on in iTunes. Â
Genius doesn’t recognize the song you select. Â
Genius recognizes the song, but there aren’t at least ten similar songs in your library. Â
3 Flick up or down to see the songs in the playlist.
4 Tap Save.
The playlist is saved with the artist name and song title of the song you used to make the playlist.
To change the playlist to a new one based on the same song, tap Refresh. If you refresh a saved
playlist, the new playlist replaces the previous one, and you can’t recover the previous playlist.
Genius playlists saved on iPod nano are synced back to iTunes when you connect iPod nano to
your computer.
Playing Genius Mixes
iTunes automatically creates Genius Mixes that contain songs from your library that go great
together. Genius Mixes provide a dierent listening experience each time you play one.
Play a Genius Mix:
1 Tap Genius Mixes.
2 Swipe left or right to browse the Genius Mixes. The dots at the bottom of the screen indicate how
many Genius Mixes are on iPod nano.
3 Tap on the Genius Mix you want to play.
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