Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Music and Other Audio
Playing music
iPod nano makes it easy to nd and listen to songs. You can repeat songs, fast-forward, shue,
and create playlists using the Multi-Touch screen.
To play a song, do one of the following:
Tap Music on the Home screen, tap a category (Playlists, Albums, or another grouping), and then m
tap a song.
On the Home screen, tap Now Playing to play shued songs or resume a paused song. m
Give iPod nano a quick shake to play shued songs. m
While a song plays, its album artwork (if available) is displayed on the Now Playing screen, and a
Play ( ) or Pause ( ) icon appears in the status bar at the top of other screens. You can browse
music and other content on iPod nano, change settings, and arrange icons while you listen to
music or other audio content.
Here are some ways to navigate your music library:
Flick to scroll quickly through song and album lists, and tap the menu bar to return to the top Â
of the list.
Add icons for Playlists, Albums, or other lists to your Home screen. Tap Settings > General > Â
Home Screen > Music, and then tap next to the icons you want to add.
If the list you’re browsing has an index, drag your nger down the index to show a large letter Â
superimposed over the list. When you reach the letter you want, lift your nger.