Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Creating workouts with music
You can create workouts on iPod nano to reach tness goals of distance, time, or calories burned.
Then add the music, podcast, audiobook, or radio station that gets you moving. iPod nano keeps
a record of all your workout data, which you can upload to the Nike+ website if you wish.
While you’re working out, iPod nano gives spoken feedback when you pause or resume your
Set up a Run workout:
1 On the Home screen, tap Fitness.
2 Tap Run, and then tap one of the workout types (Basic, Time, Distance, or Calorie).
3 Tap a preset goal, or tap Custom.
4 Choose the audio content you want to listen to during your workout.
If you create a custom workout, you’re asked to set a time, distance, or calorie goal before you
see the audio choices.
5 Tap Start Workout.
Clip iPod nano to your waistband for better accuracy. You can run or walk during your workout
and iPod nano will calculate the distance you traveled. If you set a Daily Step Goal, steps taken
during a Run workout or while using Nike + iPod-compatible gym equipment won’t count toward
your Daily Step Goal total.
Workouts you create on iPod nano are saved so you can use them again.
Use a saved workout:
1 On the Home screen, tap Fitness, and then tap Run.
2 Flick up, and tap My Workouts.
3 Tap a saved workout, and then tap Start Workout.
Controlling iPod nano during a workout
You can use the iPod nano controls to pause and resume your workout, change songs, hear
spoken feedback, or switch to a PowerSong for extra motivation. If you use Apple headphones
with a remote, you can control your workout with the remote.
The most ecient way to control your workout is by setting iPod nano to pause and resume
your workout when you double-click the Sleep/Wake button. For example, if you’re stopped at
a trac light, double-click the Sleep/Wake button to pause, then double-click to resume once
the light turns green. Or, if you’re running a marathon and arrive at the nish line, a quick
double-click pauses the workout so you can catch your breath before turning the screen on
and ending your workout.
Chapter 7 Fitness