Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Disconnecting iPod nano from your computer
It’s safe to disconnect iPod nano if you see the Home screen on iPod nano, or a message that
says it’s OK to disconnect. If the backlight is o, press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on the
backlight, so you can see if it’s safe to disconnect.
Disconnect iPod nano:
Disconnect the cable from iPod nano, or, if iPod nano is in the dock, remove iPod nano from m
the dock.
Don’t disconnect iPod nano if you see the “Connected” or “Synchronizing” message. To avoid
damaging les on iPod nano, you must eject iPod nano before disconnecting when you see
these messages.
Eject iPod nano:
m In iTunes, click the Eject (C) button next to iPod nano in the device list on the left side of the
iTunes window.
m If you’re using a Mac, you can eject iPod nano by dragging the iPod nano icon on the desktop to
the Trash.
m If you’re using a Windows PC, you can eject iPod nano in My Computer or by clicking the Safely
Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray and selecting iPod nano.
If you accidentally disconnect iPod nano without ejecting it, reconnect iPod nano to your
computer and sync again.
About the battery
iPod nano has an internal, non–user-replaceable battery. For best results, the rst time you use
iPod nano, let it charge for about three hours or until the battery icon shows that the battery is
fully charged.
The iPod nano battery is 80-percent charged in about one and a half hours, and fully charged in
about three hours. If you charge iPod nano while adding les, playing music, listening to the radio,
or viewing a slideshow, it might take longer.
Charging the battery
You can charge the iPod nano battery by connecting iPod nano to your computer, or by using the
Apple USB Adapter (available separately).
Charge the battery using your computer:
Connect iPod nano to a USB 2.0 port on your computer. The computer must be turned on and m
not in sleep.
Important: If a “Charging, Please Wait” or “Connect to Power” message appears on the iPod nano
screen, the battery needs to be charged before iPod nano can communicate with your computer.
See “If iPod nano displays a “Connect to Power” message” on page 53.
If you want to charge iPod nano when you’re away from your computer, you can purchase the
Apple USB Power Adapter.
Chapter 3 Basics