Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Important: iPod nano is intended for the reception of public broadcasts only. Listening to
transmissions that are not intended for the public is illegal in some countries and violators
may be prosecuted. Check and obey the laws and regulations in the areas where you plan
to use iPod nano.
The following table species the radio frequency range of each region in the Radio Regions menu,
along with the increments between stations (indicated by a ± sign).
Radio region Radio frequency specications
Americas 87.5–107.9 MHz/ ± 200 kHz
Asia 87.5–108.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz
Australia 87.5–107.9 MHz/ ± 200 kHz
Europe 87.5–108.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz
Japan 76.0–90.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz
Chapter 6 FM Radio