Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

You can purchase and download audiobooks from the iTunes Store and listen to them on
iPod nano. When you listen to audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store or,
you can adjust the playback speed to be faster or slower than normal.
Play podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes U Collections:
1 On the Home screen, tap Podcasts (or Audiobooks, or iTunes U), and then tap a show or title.
Podcasts, Audiobooks, and iTunes U are also listed in Music.
2 Tap an episode or chapter to play it.
The Now Playing screen displays the audiobook, podcast, or iTunes U artwork (if any is available).
3 Tap the Now Playing screen to see the playback controls.
Tap  to pause, and to resume.
The podcast, audiobook, or iTunes U collection begins playing where you left o. For
audiobooks, you can tap Resume in the chapter list.
Tap  or to skip to the next chapter or the beginning of the current chapter in the podcast,
audiobook, or iTunes U collection.
4 Swipe left to see the additional playback controls described in the following table.
To Do this
Skip to any point in a podcast,
audiobook, or iTunes U collection
Drag the playhead along the scrubber bar. Slide your nger up to slow
the scrub rate for greater precision. The farther up you slide your nger,
the smaller the increments.
Play back the last 30 seconds Tap
Set the playback speed Tap . Tap again to change the speed.
= Play at double speed.
= Play at normal speed.
= Play at half speed.
See episodes or chapters for
podcasts, iTunes U, or audiobooks
Tap on the rst control screen.
See information about podcasts,
iTunes U, or audiobooks
Tap the Now Playing screen, and then swipe left to the nal control screen.
For more information about downloading and listening to podcasts, open iTunes and choose
Help > iTunes Help. Then search for “podcasts.”
Rating audiobooks
You can assign a rating to an audiobook (from zero to ve stars) to indicate how much you like it.
The ratings you assign to audiobooks on iPod nano are transferred to iTunes when you sync.
Rate an audiobook:
1 Tap the book cover on the Now Playing screen, and then tap .
2 Drag your nger along the dots at the top of the screen to add or remove stars.
3 Lift your nger when you’re done.
Chapter 5 Music and Other Audio