Apple MC688LL/A MP3 Player User Manual

Pausing live radio
You can pause a radio broadcast and resume playing it from the same point up to 15 minutes
later. Drag the progress bar to resume listening at any point in the paused broadcast, or to
quickly catch up to the live broadcast. The progress bar is completely lled when Live Pause
reaches the 15-minute limit. Anything earlier than 15 minutes is cleared to make room for the
continuing broadcast.
Paused radio is cleared automatically if:
You change stations. Â
You turn o iPod nano. Â
You play other media content or record a voice memo. Â
The battery is very low and needs to be charged. Â
You pause the radio for 15 minutes without resuming play. Â
Pause or resume live radio:
1 While the radio is playing, tap Now Playing or Radio.
2 Swipe left to the Live Pause controls on the last screen, and then tap .
The icon changes to .
As Live Pause continues, a yellow triangle indicates where the broadcast was paused. The progress
bar continues to ll up, indicating the time that’s passed since you paused.
3 To resume playing the program, tap to start at the point where you paused. Then do any of
the following:
Tap  to skip back by 30-second increments.
Tap  to skip forward by 30-second increments.
Touch and hold  to skip forward by ten-second increments.
You can navigate paused radio only when the progress bar appears, not the radio tuner.
Live Pause uses some battery power. You can turn o Live Pause to conserve the battery.
Turn o Live Pause:
1 On the Home screen, tap Settings.
2 Tap Radio.
3 Tap next to Live Pause to turn it O.
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