Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

2 – Names and functions of parts
5 Reverb on/off status message
Displays the reverb on/off status.
Icon On/off status
Blank Reverb is off
Reverb is on (Reverb sound added to
input sound)
Reverb is on (Reverb sound added to
output sound)
6 Level meter
Displays the input sound level.
When the AUTO REC function is turned on, the level meter
will display sounds within the level that activates the AUTO
REC function.
7 Prerecording function on/off status
Displays the Prerecording function on/off status. (See “Start
recording from slightly before pressing RECORD (PRE REC)”
on page 20.)
Blank: Prerecording is off
: Prerecording function is on
8 Recording status message
The recording status is indicated in the following icons:
Indicator Meaning
Recording standby or recording pause mode
In recording mode
Begins recording in five seconds
Begins recording in ten seconds
9 Automatic recording function on/off status
Displays the Automatic recording function on/off status.
(See “Automatic recording (AUTO REC)” on page 19.)
Blank: Automatic recording off
: Automatic recording function on
is displayed when the scene mode is or .
In this case, level control is automatic.
0 Dual format recording function on/off status
This shows whether dual format recording is on or off.
Blank: dual format recording function off
: dual format recording function on
q File name message
Displays the file name automatically assigned to the
recording file.
w Peak decibel (dB) message
Displays the peak input level in decibel reading.
will be displayed when recording is above the peak level
(−2dB or more).
e Elapsed recording time
Displays the elapsed recording time of a recorded file (hours:
minutes: seconds).
r Remaining recording time
Displays the remaining recording time for the microSD card
(hours: minutes: seconds).
t Function buttons message
The following icons will be displayed while in recording
standby, recording, or recording pause mode:
Icon Function
Self-timer function
Mark function (set mark)
Display input setting screen
Activate the track increment
Clear peak hold