Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

2 – Names and functions of parts
Home Screen
1 Playback file type message
Format type, sampling rate, bit rate, stereo/mono setting of
the playback file are shown.
2 Plug-in power on/off message
The plug-in power status (on/off) is displayed in icon view.
(See “Recording with an external microphone (MIC IN)” on
page 14.)
Icon On/off status
Blank Plug-in power function off
Plug-in power function on
3 Monitor output message
: output from built-in speaker
: output from headphone
4 Power supply status message
When power is supplied from the batteries, the current
battery level is displayed in bars ( , , ).
When the battery level is low, the will flash and the power
will be switched off (standy mode).
The will be displayed when using either the dedicated
AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P515U; sold separately) or the USB
bus power.
When attempting recording or other operations that
consume large amount of power, a warning message of
Battery Low may pop-up.
5 Level meter
Displays the level of the playback sound.
6 Recorder status message
The recording status is indicated in the following icons:
Indicator Meaning
Fast forward
Skip forward to the beginning of the next file
Skip backward to the beginning of either the
current or preceding file
7 File name
The name or tag information of the file currently in play is
The ID3 tag information is displayed instead when included
in the MP3 file.
ID3 tag information contains titles and artist names, which
can be stored in MP3 files.
8 Function buttons status message
Below icons are displayed while in stop or playback mode.
Icon Function
Display browse screen
Mark function (set/clear)
Delete file
9 Peak decibel (dB) message
Displays the maximum playback level in decibel reading per
set amount of time.
0 Elapsed time message
Displays the elapsed time (hours: minutes: seconds) of the
current file.
q Remaining time message
Displays the remaining time (hours: minutes: seconds) of the
current file.
Recording Screen
The below recording screen is displayed in recording or
recording standby mode.
1 Recording mode message
Displays the format, sampling rate, and stereo/mono of the
recording file. (See “Recording format settings (FORMAT/
SAMPLE/TYPE)” on page 16.)
2 Low-cut filter on/off status message
Displays the low-cut filter on/off status.
The message is highlighted when the low-cut filter is set at
40Hz / 80Hz / 120Hz / 220Hz.
Blank: low-cut filter is off
: low-cut filter is on
3 Limiter function on/off message
Displays the limiter function on/off status. (See “Setting the
Low Cut Filter” on page 18.)
Blank: limiter function is off
: limiter function is on
4 Peak reduction function on/off status message
Displays the peak reduction on/off status. (See “Using the
level control function” on page 18.)
Blank: peak reduction function is off
: peak reduction function is on