Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

12 – Troubleshooting
The power does not turn on
Are batteries low?
Are batteries inserted correctly with the ¥, ^ terminals
aligned correctly?
Is the AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P515U; sold separately)
securely connected to the outlet? Is the USB connector
connected securely?
Is the USB cable connecting the computer for USB bus
power securely connected?
Is the USB hub in use with computer connection for USB
bus power?
The DR-22WL turn the power off automatically
Is the automatic power saving function on? (See “Auto
power save function setting” on page 39.)
o The DR-22WL is in compliance with the European Standby
Power Regulations (ErP), and therefore, the automatic
power saving function will work whether the unit is being
powered by an AC adapter or batteries. Select “OFF” if you
do not want to use the auto power saving function (the
factory default setting is “30 min").
The unit does not function.
Is the HOLD/ switch set at HOLD?
Is the unit connected to a computer via USB cable (USB
The microSD card is not recognized.
Check that the microSD card is inserted correctly.
The DR-22WL don’t play back
If the file is WAV format, check whether its sampling rate is
compatible with the unit.
If the file is MP3 format, check whether the bit rate is
compatible with the unit.
The built-in speaker does not emit sound
Is a headphone connected to the unit?
Is the SPEAKER item set as OFF?
Is the unit in recording or recording standby mode?
The monitor system does not emit sound
Is the monitoring system securely connected?
Is the monitoring system volume at minimum level?
Is the OUTPUT LEVEL setting of the unit at minimum level?
The DR-22WL is not recording
Check the connection again.
Check the input settings again.
Is the recording level too low?
Does the microSD card has free space?
Check whether the number of files has reached the
maximum level.
The input level is too low
Is the input level setting too low?
Is the output level of the connected device too low?
The sound I want to record is distorted
Is the input level setting too high?
Is reverb setting ON?
Playback sound is not natural
Is the playback speed changed?
Is the level control function ON?
Is reverb setting ON?
The file cannot be deleted
Is the file a copy of a read-only file set by a computer?
The computer does not display the unit’s files
Is the DR-22WL connect to a computer via USB port?
Is USB hub in use?
Is the unit in recording or recording standby mode?
The DR-22WL cannot make a Wi-Fi connection or
communication is interrupted
Check that the Wi-Fi device is turned ON and/or the Wi-Fi
function is ON.
Is the distance to the Wi-Fi device too far?
Is there any obstacles in between, for example a wall?
When a Wi-Fi device is located at the rear side of the
DR-22WL, the unit itself maybe the cause of interruption.
Try changing the positions of the Wi-Fi device and the unit.
Turn OFF and restart the DR-22WL.
Delete the “DR-22WL” registered information in the Wi-Fi
device, and follow the steps in “Connecting the unit to a
Wi-Fi device.”
When the DR-22WL does not operate properly, check the followings before make a repair request. If you still have a problem, contact
either the store you purchased the DR-22WL or the TEAC repair center (see the back cover for contact details).