Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

3 – Preparation
Inserting and removing microSD cards
Inserting the SD card
A microSD card is already installed at the time of purchase.
You can immediately start recording and playing tracks
without the need to remove and insert the microSD card.
1. Open the microSD card slot cover on the right side panel.
2. Insert the microSD Card into the slot (as illustrated below)
until it clicks into place.
Removing the card
1. Open the microSD card slot cover.
2. Gently press and release the microSD card; the card should
pop out.
Do not remove the microSD card while the unit is accessing
data for recording, playback, etc.
Do not remove the microSD card from the unit when
connected via USB cable to a computer.
The DR-22WL is compatible with microSD/microSDHC/
microSDXC standards.
Please refer to the TEAC Global Site (http://teac-global.
com) to learn more on the list of compatible SD cards.
Setup the microSD card for use
To use a microSD card, it must be formatted first by the
1. Confirm that a microSD card is inserted and turn the power
2. The following message appears when a new card or a card
formatted by another device is inserted into the unit.
micro SD/SDHC card
micro SDXC card
3. Press the F4 button to start formatting.
Formatting will delete all data from the card.
4. When formatting is complete, it will return to the home
screen. You may format the card whenever required.
Before formatting, make sure the unit is connected to
either a dedicated AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P515U; sold
separately), a computer via USB bus power, or fully-charged
Turning the built-in speaker on/off
The factory setting for the built-in speaker output is selected as
ON. To turn the built-in speaker output off, set the SPEAKER
item to OFF on the TOOL menu page.
1. Press the /MENU/8 button to display the menu screen.
2. Use the F1 button to display the TOOL page.
3. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
SPEAKER item and press the F4 button.
This shows the SPEAKER item parameters.
4. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to change settings, and
press the F4 button to finalize the setting.
Options: OFF, ON (default setting)