Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

4 – Recording
Adjusting the input level
Before you start recording, ensure to adjust the input level to
prevent the recorded file from distortion or canceled by noise,
which can occur from excessively large or quiet input volume.
Use the limiter/peak reduction functions as necessary, in
addition to making manual adjustments.
In addition to adjusting the INPUT level, try changing the
distance and angle between the microphone and the sound
source. The angle and distance of the microphone can also
change the sound quality.
1. Press the RECORD button to set the recording standby
The RECORD indicator (around RECORD button) will flash
and displays the recording screen.
2. Use the INPUT LEVEL volume to adjust the input level. The
input level setting meter will pop-up at the bottom of the
To obtain higher quality, it is recommended to set at the
maximum recording level. As a guideline, adjust the input
level until the −12dB indicator lights in green to obtain
the optimum level. To prevent possible distortion from
excessively large input volume, reduce the input level when
the PEAK indicator lights in red.
Press the /MENU/8 button to cancel the recording
standby mode.
In a recording standby or recording mode, the speaker will
not emit sound even when the SPEAKER setting is ON.
If you need to monitor sound to adjust the input level and
make recordings, connect the headphone to the /LINE
OUT jack.
To adjust monitor sound, go to home screen and use the
OUTPUT LEVEL (+/−) button. Adjusting the monitor sound
will not affect the recording quality.
Setting the peak hold function
Using the peak hold function makes monitoring the levels
1. Press the /MENU/8 button to display the menu screen.
2. Press the F1 button to open the REC menu page.
3. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
parameter of the PEAK HOLD item and press the F4
Open the parameter list for the PEAK HOLD item.
4. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
peak hold mode.
OFF: Peak levels are not held.
1sec (default): Peak levels are held for one second.
HOLD: Peak levels are held until the peak clear ( )
button is pressed.
5. Press the F4 button to finalize the setting and return to
the item selection mode.
6. Press the /MENU/8 button to return to the home screen.