Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

4 – Recording
Recording in two formats
The DR-22WL can transfer files to a smart phone via Wi-Fi. (See
“Connect the DR-22WL and smart phone via Wi-Fi” on page
WAV/BWF delivers a high-quality sound but unfit to transfer
via Wi-Fi due to its large file size. The DR-22WL can make
simultaneous recordings in WAV/BWF format and MP3 format
(smaller file size) for Wi-Fi transfer.
1. Press the /MENU/8 button to display the menu screen.
2. Press the F1 button to open the REC menu page.
3. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
parameter in DUAL FORMAT item and press the F4
Open the parameter list for the DUAL FORMAT item.
4. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
file type.
Options: OFF (default value), 32k, 64k, 96k, 128k,
192k, 256k, 320k
5. Press the F4 button to finalize the setting and return to
the item selection mode.
When dual format recording is on, the icon appears
to the right of the recorder operation status indicator on the
Recording Screen.
DUAL FORMAT recording is available only in WAV 16bit/BWF
16bit with sampling rate of 44.1k/48kHz formats.
Mixing the input sound to the
playback for recording (overdubbing)
The DR-22WL can mix the input sound while playing the
recorded track to create a new file.
The unit offers two overdubbing modes.
This mode mixes the input sound to the playback file.
Users can monitor with a headphone and overdub the sounds.
This mode records group singing or musical performance with
the accompaniment music playback (similar to karaoke).
Since only the playback sound is output from the output jacks in
this mode, you can use it to play along with an already recorded
performance output from a connected external monitoring
system, for example, and record this new performance together
with the sound playing back.
The recording format of the playback file is used when in
an overdubbing mode (FORMAT, SAMPLE, TYPE). When the
playback file format is mono, the inputs will also be treated
as mono (left and right). When the playback file format is
stereo, the inputs will also be treated as stereo. Open the
FILE INFO screen if you want to check the playback
file format. (See “File information screen (FILE INFO)” on
page 38.)
Speaker will not emit sound in overdubbing mode.
Pause will not work in overdubbing mode (RECORD button
is disabled).
The overdubbed file is created in playback format
regardless of the recording format setting.
When in an overdubbing mode, the self-timer,
pre-recording, automatic recording and dual format
recording functions cannot be used.
Select files for overdubbing with an input
Select the file for overdubbing with either the .// button
or in browse screen.
Please refer to the page 25 for selecting files in browse
Start overdubbing
1. In home screen, set the scene dial to .
The OVERDUB screen is displayed and the input sound is
In pause or playback mode, when you set the scene dial to
, the DR-22WL will make a force stop and display the
OVERDUB screen.