Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

2 – Names and functions of parts
Left side panel
u /LINE OUT jack
A headphone or a line input jack of an external device (via
stereo mini-jack cable) can be connected to this jack.
i OUTPUT LEVEL (+/−) buttons
These buttons adjust the output sound level of the built-in
speaker or the /LINE OUT jack.
Volume level will pop-up on the bottom of the display while
making adjustment.
o HOLD/ switch
To turn the power on/off, slide and hold the switch towards
the icon.
When you slide the switch towards the HOLD side, all the
functions of the buttons are locked.
Right side panel
p USB port
Use the supplied USB cable to connect the DR-22WL with a
computer. (See “8 – Connecting with a computer” on page
Power can be supplied by using this USB cable or from an AC
adapter (sold separately: PS-P515U).
Connect the DR-22WL directly be connected directly with
the computer, not through a USB hub.
a microSD card slot
Insert or remove a microSD card.
s MIC/EXT IN jack
Connect an external stereo microphone or external input to
this jack. It is compatible with plug-in power.
The built-in microphone is disable when an external
microphone is connected to the MIC/EXT IN jack.
Bottom panel
d Tripod attachment screw-hole (1/4 inch)
A tripod can be attached to the DR-22WL.
Ensure the tripod or microphone stand screws are securely
fastened to prevent the unit from falling off.
When attaching this unit to a tripod or microphone stand,
ensure to place it on a level surface.
f Battery compartment cover
g Battery case
Insert batteries (two AA size) in this compartment to power
the unit. (See “Using AA size batteries” on page 10.)