Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

4 – Recording
2. To switch to the overdubbing mode, press the F2
button. The overdubbing and airdubbing modes will appear
in turn on the screen.
After selecting, either the OVERDUB or the AIRDUB
screen will be displayed.
3. Press the PLAY button to play the file for overdubbing, and
use the F3 and F4 buttons to adjust the playback
4. Press the RECORD button to set the recording standby
The indicator around the RECORD button flashes.
5. Press again the RECORD button.
Overdubbing will start.
When recording starts, the RECORD indicator lights, and the
recording screen displays the elapsed recording time and
the remaining recording time.
When a file that can be playbacked is not selected, a pop-up
message of No PB File will appear.
6. To finish recording, press the /MENU/8 button.
Create cue marks during recording
In recording or recording standby mode, the DR-22WL can
create cue marks to a file to quickly locate the marked position
and start playback. (See “Moving to the cue mark position” on
page 23.)
You can either manually set the cue mark, or automatically set
the cue mark level or time to minimize the operation noise.
The unit will not move to the cue mark position in recording
or recording standby mode.
Manual cue marking during recording
In recording or recording standby mode, press the F2 button
to create a cue mark.
A pull-up cue mark no. message will appear above the icon.
Up to 99 cue marks can be created and stored in each file.
Cue marks that are created during the recording of WAV file
in BWF format by this unit are stored in the file. You can use
the cue marks in softwares compatible with BWF format.
Add cue marks automatically to recording
If you turn the AUTO MARK function ON, cue marks will be
added automatically.
Add cue marks automatically according to set levels
1. Press the /MENU/8 button to display the menu screen.
2. Press the F1 button to open the REC menu page.
3. Use the F2 and the F3 buttons to select (highlight)
the parameter of the AUTO FUNC item and press the F4
AUTO FUNCTION screen is displayed.
4. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
MODE in the AUTO MARK item, and press the F4
5. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to set the automatic cue
mark mode to LEVEL.
Options: OFF (default value), LEVEL, TIME
6. Press the F4 button to finalize the set mode.