Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

3 – Preparation
Powering the unit
Power sources
The DR-22WL operates on two AA batteries, the dedicated AC
adapter (TASCAM PS-P515U; sold separately), or the supplied
USB cable (USB bus power).
Use either alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries.
Using AA size batteries
Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the unit,
insert two AA batteries with the ¥ and ^ ends in the right
position, and close the cover.
Select the same type of batteries to get an accurate reading of
the remaining battery power and required minimum power for
operation. (See “Battery type settings” on page 39.)
Do not use Manganese dry cell batteries.
Ni-MH batteries will not be recharged with this unit; use a
separate battery recharger instead.
The supplied alkaline batteries are for testing and may not
last long.
Using an AC adapter (sold separately)
Use the supplied USB cable to connect the USB port of the
unit and the dedicated AC adapter (TASCAM PS- P515U; sold
separately) as illustrated below.
AC outlet
micro-B USB plug
TASCAM PS-P515U (sold separately)
Connect the
supplied USB cable
When both batteries and the AC adapter are attached to the
unit, power will be supplied from the AC adapter.
Use only the dedicated AC adapter (TASCAM PS- P515U;
sold separately). The use of another adapter may cause
malfunction, fire or electric shock.
Noise may occur during microphone recording when the
unit and AC adapter are in close proximity. If noise occurs,
move the AC adapter away from the unit.
Using USB bus power
Use the supplied USB cable to connect the unit and the
computer as illustrated below.
micro-B USB plug
Connect the
supplied USB cable
When you connect a USB cable while the unit power is on,
or turn on the power after making a connection, the USB
SELECT screen will pop up, prompting the user to select
either to operate the unit with USB bus power or make a USB
connection with the computer.
Use the F2 button and the F3 button to select (highlight)
the BUS POWER, then press F4 button to supply power
from the USB port and display the home screen.
Power is supplied from the USB port when USB cable is
connected to the unit inserted with batteries (USB bus
power prioritized).
Depending on the USB bus power specifications of the
computer, the DR-22WL may not operate with a USB
connection. If this occurs, please use the dedicated AC
adapter (TASCAM PS-P515U; sold separately) instead.
This unit is not compatible with the computer’s power-save
mode or sleep-mode. Please turn off these modes when
operating the unit from the computer’s USB bus power.