Tascam DR-22WL MP3 Player User Manual

10 – Settings and Information
Setting the file name type
The DR-22WL can set name types of the recording files.
1. Use the F2 and F3 buttons to select (highlight) the
parameter of the FILE NAME item and press the F4
The FILE NAME screen will be displayed.
2. Use the . button and the / button, the F2 button
and the F3 button, and the F4 button to make
settings for different items.
The following settings for each item can be made in this
3. To return to the SYSTEM page of the menu screen, press
the F4 button.
File name type
In the TYPE item, select either the DATE or WORD options.
DATE (default value) : dates will be included in file name
Example: 140101_0000.wav
WORD : the six characters set in WORD
will be included in file name
Example: TASCAM_0000.wav
The internal clock of the unit is used to set dates. (See
“Setting the date/time” on page 11.)
Setting characters (WORD)
In the WORD item, use either the . button or the /
button to move the cursor, and use the F2 and the F3
buttons to set characters.
In addition to alphabets and numbers, the following characters
can be used: ! # $ % & ‘ ( ) + , - . ; = @ ^ _ ‘ { } ~
Initializing the numbers (COUNT)
In REC page of the menu screen, select the parameter
(highlight) the COUNT INIT item, and press the F4
button. The following confirmation message will appear:
Press the F3 button to reset the number that follows the
characters to “0001”.