Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

8 Learning More, Service,
and Support
You can find more information about using iPod in onscreen
help and on the web.
The following table describes where to get more iPod-related software and service
To learn about Do this
Service and support, forums,
and Apple software downloads
Go to:
The latest tutorials, and tips
and tricks on how to make the
most of your iPod experience
Go to:
Using iTunes Open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help.
For an online iTunes tutorial (available in some areas only), go to:
Using iPhoto (on Mac OS X) Open iPhoto and choose Help > iPhoto Help.
Using iSync (on Mac OS X) Open iSync and choose Help > iSync Help
Using iCal (on Mac OS X) Open iCal and choose Help > iCal Help.
The latest information on
Go to:
Registering iPod To register iPod, install iTunes on your computer and connect iPod.
Finding the iPod serial number Look at the back of iPod or choose Settings > About.
Obtaining warranty service First follow the advice in this booklet, the onscreen help, and
online resources. Then go to: