Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

48 Chapter 5 Extra Features and Accessories
To review or delete a stopwatch session:
1 Choose Extras > Stopwatch.
A list of saved sessions appears after the Timer menu item.
2 Choose a session to view session information.
You see the date and time the session started; the total time of the session; the
shortest, longest, and average lap times; and the last several lap times.
3 To delete a session, press the Center button and choose Delete.
Playing Games
You can purchase games from the iTunes Store (in some countries) to play on iPod.
After purchasing games in iTunes, you can load them onto iPod by syncing them
automatically or by managing them manually.
To buy a game:
1 In iTunes, click iTunes Store in the Source pane.
2 Choose Games from the list of iTunes Store genres.
3 Select the game you want and click Buy Game.
To sync games automatically to iPod:
1 In iTunes, click iPod in the Source pane and select the Games tab.
2 Select “Sync games.”
3 Click “All games” or “Selected games.” If you click “Selected games,” also select the
games you want to sync.
4 Click Apply.
To play a game:
m Choose Extras > Games and choose a game.
Locking the iPod Screen
You can set a combination to prevent iPod from being used by someone without your
permission. When you lock an iPod that is not connected to a computer, you must
enter a combination to unlock and use it.
Note: This is different from the Hold button in that the Hold button prevents iPod from
turning on accidentally. The combination prevents another person from using iPod.