Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

7 Safety and Cleaning
This section contains important safety and handling
information for Apple iPods.
Keep the iPod Safety Guide and the features guide for your iPod handy for future
Important Safety Information
Handling iPod Do not bend, drop, crush, puncture, incinerate, or open iPod.
Avoiding water and wet locations Do not use iPod in rain, or near washbasins or other
wet locations. Take care not to spill any food or liquid into iPod. In case iPod gets wet,
unplug all cables, turn iPod off, and slide the Hold switch (if available) to HOLD before
cleaning, and allow it to dry thoroughly before turning it on again.
Repairing iPod Never attempt to repair iPod yourself. iPod does not contain any user-
serviceable parts. For service information, choose iPod Help from the Help menu in
iTunes or go to The rechargeable battery in iPod
should be replaced only by Apple authorized service providers. For more information
about batteries, go to
Read all safety information below and operating instructions before using
iPod to avoid injury.
WARNING: Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock,
or other injury or damage.