Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

Chapter 3 Video Features 37
Your TV must have RCA video and audio ports.
To view a video on your TV:
1 Connect iPod to your TV (see above).
2 Turn on your TV and set it to display from the input ports connected to iPod. See the
documentation that came with your TV for more information.
3 On iPod, choose Videos and browse for a video.
To connect iPod to a TV or other video device using S-video:
For increased visual clarity, you can connect iPod to a TV or other device that has
S-video capability using an S-video cable and the iPod Universal Dock (both sold
separately). To hear sound with the video, you must connect an audio cable, such as
the audio portion of the iPod AV cable, to the Line Out port on the iPod Universal Dock
and to an audio input port on the TV or device.
or other
video device
Video input port (yellow)
Left sound input port (white)
Right sound input port (red)
iPod AV Cable
(available separately)
or other
video device
Line Out port on DockHeadphones port on iPod iPod Universal Dock
(available separately)