Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

2 Music Features
With iPod, you can take your music and audio collection with
you wherever you go. Read this section to learn about
loading music and listening to iPod.
You use iPod by importing songs, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts (radio-style audio
shows) into your computer and then loading them onto iPod. Read on to learn more
about the steps in this process, including:
 Getting music from your CD collection, hard disk, or the iTunes Store (part of iTunes
and available in some countries only) into the iTunes application on your computer.
 Organizing your music and other audio into playlists, if you want.
 Loading playlists, songs, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts onto iPod.
 Listening to music or other audio on the go.
About iTunes
iTunes is the software application you use with iPod. iTunes can sync music,
audiobooks, podcasts, and more with iPod. When you connect iPod to your computer,
iTunes opens automatically.
This guide explains how to use iTunes to download songs and other audio and video to
your computer, create personal compilations of your favorite songs (called playlists),
load them onto iPod, and adjust iPod settings.
iTunes also has many other features. You can make your own CDs that play in standard
CD players (if your computer has a CD-recordable drive); listen to streaming Internet
radio; watch videos and TV shows; rate songs according to preference; and much more.
For information about using these iTunes features, open iTunes and choose
Help > iTunes Help.