Apple MA448LLA MP3 Player User Manual

52 Chapter 5 Extra Features and Accessories
To view to-do lists:
m Choose Extras > Calendar > To Do.
Storing and Reading Notes
You can store and read text notes on iPod if it is enabled as an external disk (see
page 45).
1 Save a document in any word-processing application as a text (.txt) file.
2 Place the file in the Notes folder on iPod.
To view notes:
m Choose Extras > Notes.
Recording Voice Memos
You can record voice memos using an optional iPod-compatible microphone (available
for purchase at You can store voice memos on iPod and
load them onto your computer. You can set iPod to record at low-quality mono (22.05
kHz) to save space, or high-quality stereo (44.1 kHz) for better sound.
Note: Voice memos cannot be longer than two hours. If you record for more than two
hours, iPod automatically starts a new voice memo to continue your recording.
To record a voice memo:
1 Connect a microphone to the Dock connector port on iPod.
2 Set Quality to Low or High.
3 To begin recording, choose Record.
4 Hold the microphone a few inches from your mouth and speak. To pause recording,
choose Pause.
5 When you finish, choose Stop and Save. Your saved recording is listed by date and time.
To play a recording:
m Choose Extras > Voice Memos and select the recording.
Note: You won’t see a Voice Memos menu item if you’ve never connected a
microphone to iPod.