Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Optional Accessories ]
Optional Accessories
The following optional accessories are available for purchase from your SIRIUS retailer to
maximize your SIRIUS Stiletto experience.
Vehicle Kit (Model SLV1)
If you plan to use your Stiletto 100 in a vehicle, the Stiletto Vehicle Kit will
maximize your safety and provide convenience by positioning the Stiletto for
easy viewing and operation. Whether you choose the FM wireless or direct
connect option when installing the kit, the rich digital sound of SIRIUS radio
will play through your vehicle’s stereo system. The dock features preset and
direct tune buttons for quickly tuning to your favorite channels, and a jump
button for tuning directly to the traffic/weather channel for your area. It is
preset tune jump
preset tune jump
designed for quick and easy self-installation and includes a vent and dash mount for flexible
mounting options.
The kit includes a compact docking cradle that rapidly charges your Stiletto’s battery, a
remote control, dash and vent mounts, cigarette lighter adapter, and a magnetic antenna with
21’ of cable. Detailed installation instructions are included with the kit.
Home Kit (Model SLH1)
The Stiletto Home Kit is a compact docking cradle that provides everything
you need to use the Stiletto in your home or office. The sleek docking
cradle provides a convenient way to charge your Stiletto’s battery along
with an extra slot for charging a spare battery. The included indoor/outdoor
antenna provides improved reception, while audio cables enable you to
connect the Stiletto to amplified speakers or a home entertainment system.
The kit includes a compact tabletop/desktop docking cradle with FM output for wireless con-
nectivity, a remote control, audio cables, an adjustable indoor/outdoor windowsill antenna with
20’ of cable, and an AC Adapter. Detailed installation instructions are included with the kit.