Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Battery Life, Installation, and Charging ]
Battery Life, Installation, and Charging
Two batteries are supplied with your Stiletto 100, a slim battery and a standard battery. The
batteries when fully charged will provide a range of listening times depending on the listening
mode. The following table provides the approximate listening times:
Approximate Listening Time
Standard Battery Slim Battery
Satellite Radio 4 hours 2 hours
Internet Radio 8 hours 4 hours
Library 20 hours 10 hours
Radio Replays 20 hours 10 hours
As batteries age, the amount of listening time diminishes. Replacement (or spare) batteries
are available from your SIRIUS product distributor.
The amount of listening time the battery provides is dependent upon several settings: de-
creasing the length of time the backlight of the display screen remains on will prolong battery
life as well as adjusting the brightness of the display screen to a dimmer setting. Both of
these adjustments are made through the Settings menu. Refer to Brightness and Backlight
Timer on page 59 for details about these settings.