Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
Recording allows you to schedule the Stiletto 100 to record programming at a set date and
time. Each recording session may be up to 6 hours in length, and may be set up as a one time
or repeating event. In order for a scheduled recording to occur, the Stiletto 100 must have
adequate power and be able to receive the SIRIUS signal from the satellites or terrestrial
transmitters. If the Stiletto is on or in sleep mode, the Stiletto will automatically tune to the
correct channel and begin recording. If no signal is present at the time the recording is sched-
uled to start, the recording will be skipped.
Completed scheduled recordings can be found in the Library. To access to your scheduled
recordings, go to Library
Sirius Recordings. Scheduled recordings will be listed by the
channel and date/time recorded.
To setup or edit a scheduled recording on your Stiletto 100, from the Home screen use the
Media Dial to highlight Recording and press the Select button.