Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

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Getting Started
Turning the Stiletto 100 On/Off, Sleep, and Lock Modes
To turn the Stiletto 100 on, slide the Power/Lock switch down momentarily and then
release it.
When on, to put the Stiletto into sleep mode, slide the
Power/Lock switch down momen-
tarily and release it. The Stiletto will display Going to Sleep. (Figure 1) Sleep mode allows the
Stiletto to start up quickly when powered on. The Stiletto will power itself completely off after
18 hours of sleep.
To turn the Stiletto 100 completely off, hold the
Power/Lock switch down for 5 seconds
until the display goes blank. When completely off, the battery will remain charged for several
weeks. When completely off, the Stiletto will take 1–2 minutes to power up. (Figure 2)
The Stiletto 100 may be locked to prevent the accidental pressing of a button by sliding the
Power/Lock switch up to the locked position (Figure 3) The Power/Lock switch must be
placed back into the unlocked (center) position for the other buttons to function.
Going To Sleep
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