Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
Menu Item Options Description
Say Chan Name On or Off
Chooses whether the channel names are spo-
ken as you browse lists of channels
System Sounds On or Off
Chooses whether the system sounds, beeps,
and other tones are audible
System Volume 0 – 100%
Adjusts the volume of the system sounds and
spoken channel names
Channels (Settings
Channels )
Hidden Channels
Selects (or de-selects) channels to be hidden
in channel lists
Hidden Genres
Selects (or de-selects) genres to be hidden in
genre lists
Device (Settings
Device )
Sirius ID (none)
Displays the SIRIUS ID (SID) number of the
Stiletto 100
This is a unique identification number assigned
to your Stiletto 100. You’ll need this number
when you activate your Sirius Satellite Radio
Antenna Aiming (none)
Displays the strength of the SIRIUS signal be-
ing received from the satellites and terrestrial