Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

4. After the software is downloaded, see the Installation Procedure toward the beginning of
this manual.
Note: You may want to check the version of the downloaded software to see if it is later than the
version you currently have installed (see Step 1) before going through the installation
Using the File -> Device Settings
The File -> Device Settings menu is used to check for and update the Stiletto 100 Personal
Satellite Radio software. This menu is not active unless the Stiletto 100 is attached to the PC.
Checking for Software U pdates
Note: To check for available Stiletto 100 software updates, you must be connected to the
Follow these steps:
1. Select File > Device Settings or click the click the “gear” icon (
) next to the Stiletto
100 icon. The Device Settings dialog box appears.