Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Getting Started ]
Figures 8 and 9 illustrate several unacceptable situations where obstacles are blocking the
Stiletto 100 from having a clear view of the sky, preventing reception of the signal from the
SIRIUS satellites.
Subscribing to the SIRIUS Service
Before you can listen to the SIRIUS service, you need to activate your subscription. To sub-
scribe, do the following:
To activate your Stiletto 100, first be sure the battery is fully charged. Attach the
antenna headphones and position yourself so that your Stiletto 100 is receiving a good
SIRIUS signal, as described in the previous section.
Select Satellite Radio
All Channels and tune to channel 184. The SIRIUS channel
Figure 8Figure 8 Figure 9Figure 9