Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
All Channels
100 Howard
The Howard Stern Show
Belle & Sebastian
101 Howard 2
George Lopez
103 Sirius Stars
Enter Password
Turn the dial and press
SELECT to enter your
Parental Controls password.
Hide Channels and Genres
The hide feature allows you to designate channels and genres to not be displayed when
browsing channel and genre lists. The hide feature differs from the parental control lock
feature in that a locked channel will be displayed while browsing a list (but is password pro-
tected), while a hidden channel will never appear in a list.
Hidden channels are not locked, but can only be tuned by directly entering the channel
number using the numeric keypad on the remote control when the Stiletto 100 is in a docking
station. The hide feature is accessed through the Settings menu, as described in Channels
on page 60.
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