Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
Radio Replays are listed in numerical order by SIRIUS channel (Figure 42). Use the Media
Dial to scroll through the list of channels and the press the
Select button to choose a Radio
Radio Replays
01 Sirius Hits 1
02 StarLite
03 Sirius Love
06 ‘60s Vibrations
07 Totally ‘70s
14 Classic Vinyl
Play/Pause will pause and resume playback of the selected Radio Replay. Fast-Forward
Rewind allow you to move forward and backward through the content. The Stiletto 100
remembers the last point you paused or stopped in the Radio Replay and resumes playback at
that point when you begin listening again.
Options button allows you to delete all auto-recordings from a channel.
When listening to Radio Replays, saving songs or recording programs is not possible. You
may save the song title and artist information to your favorites list by pressing
Love. The
information saved in favorites is available when using the My Sirius Studio software or any
other compatible online music service when your Stiletto 100 is connected to a PC computer.
This makes it easy for you to find more information about the song or artist, and purchase the
music if desired. Refer to the user manual on the My Sirius Studio CD-ROM included with
your Stiletto 100 for more details about the favorites feature.
Figure 42Figure 42