Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
The Stiletto 100 delivers great audio entertainment in four distinct listening environments:
Satellite Radio. Listen live to satellite broadcasts of all SIRIUS 100% commercial free
music channels, talk, and sports programing. (Page 26)
Internet Radio. Listen to SIRIUS commercial free music and select talk channels streamed
over the Internet via a Wi-Fi network connection. (Page 39)
Library. Listen to saved songs and shows, and content you have downloaded from your
PC computer to the Stiletto 100. (Page 44)
Radio Replays. Listen to content which has been automatically saved from your favorite
music channels. (Page 52)
Each of these environments are described in detail in the sections following along with:
Recording. Set up scheduled recordings to record SIRIUS broadcasts. (Page 55)
Settings. Make changes to the global settings of the Stiletto 100 to personalize your
experience. (Page 59)