Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

[ Operation ]
the heart icon is displayed at the bottom center until the content has finished saving.
(Figure 13)
The song/show is saved in the Library. Refer to the Library section on page 44 for infor-
mation on playing back the song/show.
The Stiletto 100 will attempt to retrieve as much of the elapsed song or show as is avail-
able in the replay buffer.
If you attempt to tune away before the song/show is complete, or fast-forward or rewind, you
will be prompted to confirm that you wish to stop recording. You may continue recording, or
save or discard the partial recording. (Figure 14)
Country Bord
No Dignity
“The Bridge” is
currentlyrecording on
channel 10.
Continue recording
Stop (delete partial)
Stop (keep partial)
Recording a Block of Time
To record a concert or a whole talk or entertainment show, a block of time can be selected for
recording using
Love. Time recordings are limited to a maximum duration of 6 hours.
To record a block of time:
Press and hold
Love to begin the recording. You will be prompted to select to record
to the next hour (for example, Record until 7:00 PM), or to select Recording options...
where you can customize the recording. (Figure 15) If you select to record to the next
hour, recording will begin immediately.
If you have chosen Recording options..., you will be presented with a screen where you
can change the parameters for the recording. (Figure 16)
Use the
Media Dial to highlight the parameter you want to change and press the
Select button.
Use the
Media Dial to scroll and change the parameter. When your selection is com-
Figure 14Figure 14Figure 13Figure 13