Sirius Satellite Radio 100 Portable Radio User Manual

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Receiving the SIRIUS Satellite Signal
The SIRIUS satellite signal is broadcast from satellites covering almost all of North America.
To receive the satellite signal your Stiletto must have a clear view of the sky. Obstructions
such as buildings, trees, bridges, and high voltage power lines can interfere with the satellite
The human body will also block satellite signal reception if it is placed between the Stiletto
and the sky. It is possible to lose even a strong signal as you move and change position.
The use of the antenna headphones included with your Stiletto will help to significantly elimi-
nate these issues. By placing the antenna above interference from the body, signal reception
can be improved. Figure 6 illustrates the satellite signal being received by the Stiletto 100 us-
ing the antenna headphones, with no obstacles blocking the antenna headphones from having
a clear view of the sky.
You can view the signal strength in your location by first selecting Satellite Radio, and then
from the Home screen navigating to Settings
Device Antenna Aiming. (Figure 7) At
least one of the signals should be greater than 50% to reliably activate and use the Stiletto
Antenna Aiming
Press SELECT when done
Adjust your antenna
position to maximize signal
Figure 6Figure 6
Figure 7Figure 7