Sony DAV-FC9 MP3 Player User Manual

Severe hum or noise is heard.
Check that the speakers and components are
connected securely.
Check that the connecting cords are away from a
transformer or motor, and at least 3 metres (10
feet) away from your TV set or a fluorescent light.
Move your TV away from the audio components.
The plugs and jacks are dirty. Wipe them with a
cloth slightly moistened with alcohol.
Clean the disc.
The sound loses stereo effect when you play a
VIDEO CD, a CD, or an MP3.
Set “AUDIO” to “STEREO” in the Control Menu
display (page 45).
Make sure the system is connected appropriately.
The surround effect is difficult to hear when
you are playing a Dolby Digital, DTS, or MPEG
audio sound track.
Make sure the sound field function is on
(page 47).
Check the speaker connections and settings (pages
23, 71).
Depending on the DVD, the output signal may not
be the entire 5.1 channel. It may be monaural or
stereo even if the sound track is recorded in Dolby
Digital or MPEG audio format.
The sound comes from the centre speaker
Depending on the disc, the sound may come from
the centre speaker only.
No sound is heard from the centre speaker.
Check the speaker connections and settings.
Make sure the sound field function is on
(page 47).
No sound or only a very low-level sound is
heard from the surround speakers.
Check the speaker connections and settings (pages
23, 71).
Make sure the sound field function is on
(page 47).
Select a sound field containing the word “C. ST.
EX” (page 48).
Depending on the source, the effect of the
surround speakers may be less noticeable.
Radio stations cannot be tuned in.
Check that the antennas are connected securely.
Adjust the antennas or connect an external
antenna if necessary.
The signal strength of the stations is too weak
(when tuning in with automatic tuning). Use direct
No stations have been preset or the preset stations
have been cleared (when tuning by scanning
preset stations). Preset the stations (page 61).
Press DISPLAY so that the frequency appears in
the display.
The remote does not function.
There are obstacles between the remote and the
The distance between the remote and the system is
too far.
The remote is not pointed at the remote sensor on
the system.
The batteries in the remote are weak.
The disc does not play.
There is no disc inserted.
The disc is upside down.
Insert the disc with the playback side facing down
on the disc tray.
The disc is skewed in the system.
The system cannot play CD-ROMs, etc. (page 8).
The region code on the DVD does not match the
Moisture has condensed inside the system.
Remove the disc and leave the system turned on
for about half an hour (page 3).
The MP3 audio track cannot be played.
The DATA CD is not recorded in an MP3 format
that conforms to ISO9660 Level 1/ Level 2 or
The MP3 audio track does not have the extension
The data is not formatted in MP3 even though it
has the extension “.MP3.”
The system can only play MP3 (MPEG1 Audio
Layer3) audio.
Remove the disc and select “CUSTOM SETUP”
from the setup items. Then select “DATA CD
PRIORITY” and set to “MP3” again.
Directory level is more than 8.